Imagine that the guests in your hotel or restaurant are talking about the amazing interior of your place.

Monumental works of art, determining the atmosphere of the room!

Interior designers working for hotels and restaurants usually intend to create an unforgettable, positive interior design that is incomparable to anything. In the world of fashion, there are trend makers and followers. Similarly, in the field of interior design, one can copy others and use stereotypes – or have his or her own way, applying unusual materials and finding solutions never seen. Major international hotel chains mostly stick to their own ‘clichés’ Fortunately, we can also find several 4 or 5 star hotels and renowned restaurants with flexible attitudes. In these, there are no limits: the creativity of the designer is completely free! I would like to offer my works for the owners of hotels and restaurants like these.

Are you happy to return to a restaurant or hotel where you loved not only the
food but also the unique interior?

You as the owner of a hotel, restaurant or office building surely want to create positive impressions in your guests or clients, to evoke enduring and positive memories. In addition to the taste of fine food or the quality level of services, the internal atmosphere of your place is also crucial in this process. My monumental works of art are the key to this atmosphere and success!

You should be the one making the trends!

Wherever I have an exhibition, visitors cannot pass by my works without a remark because they haven’t seen anything similar to them. The novelty of these pieces puts people to stop and ponder. The experience of wondering at novelties creates positive feelings and provides topics to talk about. When creating these trees, I had the intention to achieve right this. Well, feedback from my clients prove that I succeeded. Everyone wants to discover how a simple material like a long piece of wire can transform into an amazing work of art, how it can nicely and softly meander like a thicker thread. When hearing that these decorations were made of one single copper wire, people usually look astonished, then they immediately start to re-examine the tree just to check this fact because it seems so unbelievable. Actually, this is another proof that my works are unique and special.

Do you think a decoration made of cheap copper does not become your five star hotel? I have a solution for you!

From 2008, my works can be ordered not only from copper wire but also from nickel or silver-plated copper wire. If requested, 24 carat gold-plated versions are also available! Gold can be yellow or rosy-coloured.

The two hundred smaller or bigger trees I sold within 7 years all prove 100 per cent satisfaction: no one came back and said that the work of art was not welcome. Well, this success is partly due to the fact that I create each and every of my work with highest accuracy and elaborateness – I would be so happy with these trees myself that I would put all pieces to the fore in my home. When a tree is ready, I spend hours with examining and finishing it. I adjust all the branches to perfectly picture the real tree (either regular or odd-shaped). When seeing from a distance, many people think that my works are living bonsai trees.

One of my friends, László came back from a conference in Paris and he enthusiastically spoke about such a unique and stylish hotel he had never seen! He said everything was made of glass: not only the tables, the front desk but also the armchairs and some of the walls.

That is what I am talking about! You need something to amaze, to enrapture guests so that they keep talking about your place even when returning home. Can you imagine more simple and efficient advertising?

I daresay that the quality of these impressions largely influences business success or failure. Just fancy that, for instance, a company holds its meeting or business lunch at your place. If people have positive impressions, they will readily recommend your services to other partners. On the other hand, statistics prove that if guests do not like the general aspect of the place, they will tell this three times as many people!

If you want to be sure of the positive impressions of your guests and clients then click to Portfolio and explore your opportunities!

Some of my trees can be mounted to the wall – they hang just like regular pictures. Depending on the location, the dimensions of these works can be quite big: width 4-6 metres (4-6.5 yards), height 2-3 metres (2-3.3 yards). These giant trees can weigh even 100-150 kg (250-400 pounds).

What is the extra that can further enhance the uniqueness of these works of arts?

If you want to blend decoration with actual function, I recommend to chose from my wall decorations with built-in illumination.

These illuminated wall installations give a characteristic tone to the room, moreover, their light can guarantee a special atmosphere.

The basis of these wall decorations is a normal wire tree mounted on a wide stainless steel plate. The high-tech LED illumination behind that plate ensures that these works of art show another face in the dark, changing the special atmosphere of the room. The branches, the tree and the installation itself are bathing in warm white light, creating a secondary effect on the wall. Due to the built-in LED technology, you do not have to change bulbs, there are no fragile parts and electricity consumption is smaller than in case of regular lamps.
Upon request, the performance of illumination can be regulated between 0 and 100% by a remote controller.

Do you want to know more about the idea behind these amazing works of art? Click here >>

Do you also have a room like this but no original interior? Dou you want to decorate it with a breath-taking work?

If your company has a reception desk or a conference centre or a meeting room, and you need a solution because you do not want your clients to feel the flow of time, I have good news for you. I offer a unique solution and your clients won’t forget you because of the positive impression. Most probably, your clients haven’t seen a work of art like this – or similar.

I had several exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland and Dubai. Some of my works can be seen in Japan as well. Up to this moment, my wire trees decorate rooms in more than twenty countries of the world.

Please visit Portfolio to see pictures of trees already ornamenting some elegant homes, offices, hotels or restaurants.

Some quotations from letters sent by my clients:

“...The ‘wiry tree’ proved to be an excellent choice as it was a perfect match for the atmosphere and the wall was not so dull anymore. Both our guests and the employees just love this lively tree….”

“…As it is said, it is not wise to stick to objects. I think, that is right. At the same time, there are a couple of objects that are especially important for me because of memories or the joy they are connected to. These objects are more than objects in my eyes. Our Tree of Life is right an object like that!…”

“…Many years ago, when we equipped the meeting room of the firm, I remembered that I saw your works on television. I said to the colleagues that it would be a good idea to show this type of utilisation of wires… The tree is one of the ornaments of the meeting room ever since…”

“…Your wiry tree is special and truly modern. It represents 21st century. Its style gives an extra tone to the atmosphere of our restaurant…”

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