Are you looking for a unique home decor that no one else in the world can have?

Given the ever increasing demands of customers and the wider and wider selection provided by the home decoration segment, everyone can find the appropriate firm for the most extreme and extravagant ideas to implement wildest dreams. We all want a solution making our home unique – by that, we can feel special.

Would you be happy to hear the congratulations of your friends praising your excellent taste?

The emotional feeling of our home is mostly influenced by the ornaments. When choosing a major – exclusive, if possible – work of art, we would like to create a special interior representing our style and individual way of life. We want to feel pleasantly at home, at the same time, we would like to positively impress our guests so that they remember the visit for a long time. We need an inviting home where we can be happy and relaxed, surrounded by our favourite objects.

I guarantee you the perfect choice. Why am I so certain of that?

My standing and wall installations guarantee right this special feeling and positive impressions! I make each and every wiry3 piece by hand. The height of the standing versions is between 0.6 and 1.3 metres (0.6 – 1.4 yards) while wall decorations can be 1-6 metres (1-6.5 yards) high or wide. In case of illuminated wall decorations, the background and the front can be stainless steel plate. Special forms and sizes required by the given location are also available.

The two hundred smaller or bigger trees I sold within 7 years all prove 100 per cent satisfaction: no one came back and said that the work of art was not welcome. Well, this success is partly due to the fact that I create each and every of my work with highest accuracy and elaborateness – I would be so happy with these trees myself that I would put all pieces to the fore in my home. When a tree is ready, I spend hours with examining and finishing it. I adjust all the branches to perfectly picture the real tree (either regular or odd-shaped). When seeing from a distance, many people think that my works are living bonsai trees.

Objects for those who want more than two dimensions…

One of my well-off clients, Zsolt just loves Hungarian paintings from the beginning of the 20th century. He has a great collection of truly valuable pieces. Although he lives in quite a huge villa, he does not have much place left on the walls. But, one of my works of art struck his fancy so much that he has immediately bought it. He called me a couple of week later saying that he had news about an awkward situation. I was completely floored for a while because I have never heard about any problems from the clients concerning my decorations. I was thinking that maybe somebody broke into his house and stole some paintings and the tree or something. Finally, Zsolt continued. He said he wanted to report on an awkward and surprising story: he organised a garden party and proudly showed the paintings to the guests. But, the visitors asked questions about the new tree, instead of the famous pieces of illustrious artists.

My clients say that my works are in a way mystical. Unlike in the case of other handicraft pieces, they have no idea how an object like this can be created – moreover, from one single wire. Most of us can vaguely imagine how paintings, pottery, gobelin tapestry or sculptures are made and we can see several documentaries on these in television. But, we do not know anything about how wire trees are born. Since I have invented an entirely new category, clients or visitors of exhibitions cannot imagine the steps of creation or the time necessary for making these trees.

As the most authentic jury, the Hungarian Institute for Culture and Art regularly examines my works. To tell the truth, this technology does not fit in any of the existing art categories.

Are you dreaming of a luxury item that can be afforded only by the fortunate few?

This most exclusive segment of my portfolio was developed on the basis of special demands of clients. Once I had a customer who wanted to have a tree in a golden version as all the grids, handles, taps etc. were gold-plated in the house. First, I was quite surprised but then I was able to satisfy even this special wish.
From 2008, my works can be ordered not only from copper wire but also from nickel or silver-plated copper wire. If requested, 24 carat gold-plated versions are also available! Gold can be yellow or rosy-coloured.

Of course, these items take more time and thoughtfulness as the wire must be coated before the creation of the tree.

If you buy such a piece, you can be sure that no one in the world can have exactly the same or similar.

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If decoration is a matter of prestige for you, then you are at the right place!

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Some quotations from letters sent by my clients:

“...The ‘wiry tree’ proved to be an excellent choice as it was a perfect match for the atmosphere and the wall was not so dull anymore. Both our guests and the employees just love this lively tree….”

“…As it is said, it is not wise to stick to objects. I think, that is right. At the same time, there are a couple of objects that are especially important for me because of memories or the joy they are connected to. These objects are more than objects in my eyes. Our Tree of Life is right an object like that!…”

“…Many years ago, when we equipped the meeting room of the firm, I remembered that I saw your works on television. I said to the colleagues that it would be a good idea to show this type of utilisation of wires… The tree is one of the ornaments of the meeting room ever since…”

“…Your wiry tree is special and truly modern. It represents 21st century. Its style gives an extra tone to the atmosphere of our restaurant…”

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